If you are an existing Geek IT Up client, this page describes how you and your staff can request IT Support.

Requests for service from Geek IT Up are obtained through our centralised Helpdesk and Ticketing system called Autotask.  This system tracks all requests for service and allocates them to the relevant resource based on priority and type of issue.  There are multiple ways to request support as follows:

Client Portal

RMM Icon

You will have received an automated email with instructions on how to access the client portal along with credentials to log in. Once logged in, you can create new tickets, review tickets opened by other staff members and many other features which are described in the Using the Client Portal document you will receive also.

To create a ticket, simply click on the icon as shown above. Tickets created here can be for more than just support.  In the request type drop-down, you can select from a list of request types, including sales/quotes related, to simple request for information. Based on what you select, other fields will become activated, with further information you can include as well as follow up questions. Once you’ve filled out the form, simple click Save and Close to send it through.

You may see in your notification area an orange G with a coloured circle, usually green (more on colours later). If you right click on this icon and select open, you will be presented with a window similar to the example.

Simply click on the New Ticket button and enter details in the window that opens, then click OK to send the request.



You can simply send an email from your business email address to help@geekitup.com.au.  Please be as descriptive as possible in both the subject and body of the email to ensure efficient service.

In the event your internet is down, which would prevent you requesting support with the above methods, then there is always the option to phone or SMS and log your request. The number to call is:


In the event we cannot take your call at that time, please be sure to leave a voicemail message with your name, company, best contact phone number and an outline of the problem.  You will be contacted as soon as possible based on the information provided.  The same also applies to SMS messages.